My competitive dance experience

Ballroom Dance:
Are you interested?

Have you ever thought about ballroom dance? Learning how to dance and look good at it? Have you ever thought about taking it to a higher level? Social dancing can be so much fun, but sometimes its just not enough. When you find yourself feeling that way, it may be time to consider going into competition.

Where do you like to dance? Considering dancing in Austin, TX? Are you closer to the San Antonio area? There are place that teach dances other than just country or western. Maybe Seattle, WA area is more your region? They have lessons too.

July 11, 2016 - As of today when you click on the travel link you will go to This will be the new travel site. On, if you click the dance link, you will return back here to I hope these changes don't bother anybody.

Looking for info about competitions available? Check out NDCA events calendar.